Awaken your Potential

Welcome to The Insightful Soul Circle

Your Mind is Either Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

In the Insightful Soul Circle Membership you’ll learn how to transform conditioned habitual behaviour and limiting thinking patterns (like self doubt) to create the life, body, relationships or business you love.

The only way to step up and awaken into your potential is to show up and learn to make your mind your best friend, not your worst enemy.

It's time..



Be who you came here to be

Your Path to Living an Awakened Life

1. Calm your Busy Mind

Calm the chaos and move beyond the static of your busy mind as the answers to your questions are calling for your attention.

2. Connect to your Inner Guidance

The soul seeks expansion while the sub-conscious mind seeks habitual behaviour. Learn to get un-stuck and connect to purpose.

3. Create the most enriching life you love

The final step is expression of your inner most dreams and goals. Make your dream life a reality. Start today.


Are you Ready for your Next Level of Awakening and Growth?


Sound familiar?  I had my life plan and to-do list when I left school. Get a job, become successful, get a hot body, buy a fancy house like one of the ones in Home Magazine, meet a great guy and have super cute kids.

Isn't this what life is about? Doing and getting all the stuff?

NEWSFLASH: We've got more stuff than ever before but many of us still feel like something is missing or lacking.

While we've got our focus on the outer world and all the great stuff, we're forgetting that our inner world is where all the sweetness actually is.

Society has forgotten to value and teach us how to tend to the garden of our mind and listen to the whispers and guidance of the soul.

That's the secret sauce and what's actually missing and lacking (it's not the new kitchen, caravan or pay rise).

I know that's not as sexy as being promised rock hard abs in 6 weeks, or having a million followers on instagram (or one of many other distractions we get caught up in), it's actually better.....

This is why it's better

When we bring balance to our Minds we Bring Balance to our Bodies, Emotions, Relationships and ultimately our entire Existence.

When we understand ourselves at a deeper level and learn how to balance the mind we can:

      • Let go of the overwhelm of being busy and start nourishing ourselves with the comfort of being
      • Stop feeling stressed and scattered and start feeling grounded and guided from within
      • Start responding with presence and calm to the world (and problems) around you instead of being reactive and stuck in old habit patterns. Hello nourishing change.

The paradox is, from this place of being we can actually do and have more, yet the wellspring of happiness and fulfilment is coming from the renewable source from within you, not the ever changing expectations or landscape of the outer world

Here's the truth

Reclaiming the Path to your Soul and Learning to Balance your Mind is a Journey

We all love a good quick fix, like becoming an overnight success, which is as scarce as sightings of the Loch Ness Monster or dropping 20kgs in 4 weeks which we all know you'll be destined to pile it all back on and more. 

That's why we've created the Insightful Soul Self-Awakening Circle in the format of an ongoing membership.

They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

"I love the little shifts and insights I get out of each circle gathering. They all add up to create beautiful changes in my life and how I see myself."

Grace Miller

The Insightful Soul Self Awakening Circle

Stop over-doing and over-thinking and Reconnect to your Inner Guidance, Re-Establish Mindful Balance and Learn to show up in a Better way every single day to get the most out of your One Precious Life. 

Monthly Personal + Mind Development Gathering

Understand what makes you tick & how to create nourishing change. We meet online for 1 hour Monthly at 7:30pm(AEST). We record our gatherings so never miss out.

Monthly Live Meditation Gathering

Join us once a month for a live guided meditation 7:30pm (AEST). Cultivating self awareness and tuning into your souls guidance starts with calming your busy mind. 

Access to our Virtual Studio Online and App

Discover relaxation rituals, mindfulness and breathing practices, journalling practices, mini home guided retreats, self exploration and inner healing exercises and more.

Ready to bring balance to your mind for a healthier, happier more fulfilling life? Enjoy our $12 2 week Trial and choose your payment plan now:

Monthly Membership


Grab our 2 week $12 Trial Now

  • 2 x Live Circle Gatherings per Month 
  • Immediate Access to our Virtual Studio 
  • Gain easy access via our app 
  • Self cancellation anytime
  • Trial  2 weeks today for only $12* (T&C's apply) 

6 Month Membership


Grab our 2 week $12 Trial Now

  • Pay for 5 months and get 1 month Free
  • 2 x Live Circle Gatherings per Month 
  • Immediate Access to our Virtual Studio 
  • Gain easy access via our app 
  • Self cancellation anytime

And there is more!

When you join, you'll also get these beautiful bonuses:

Bonus #1

Your Home Retreat

Surrender to the Heart of Stillness is your at Home Retreat Experience to Guide your Mind From Stress and Distraction to the Serenity of Deep Healing Relaxation 

Bonus #2

Radiant Relaxation

Deeply Healing & Nourishing Guided Mind Body Practices to break free from the daily grind, soften tense muscles & reduce overwhelm to empower you to live your life in a more calm, conscious and balanced way.


Ongoing Access to All of our Home Retreats and Short Courses 

You'll be rewarded for your commitment to your ongoing awakening, growth and development by gaining access to all of our short courses. More coming soon.


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Larissa

With a flash of Insight and a series of visions, dreams, and "coincidences" it was clear as a sunny day, it was time to create an online space for people to come together and have a powerful and purposeful gathering.

"Why me?" I thought. I've gathered much lived experience and have been involved in self-study and personal development for over 20 years now. I've studied with International Human Behaviour Specialist Dr John Demartini (if you've seen the  popular Movie The Secret, he is featured).

I’ve been through the wringer a few times and come out the other side. I battled my way from self-loathing to self-love, from constantly comparing myself to others to being kind to myself. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and now teach, and created the soulfully guided life and business I love.

I’ve overcome five miscarriages, healed hypothyroidism naturally, balanced the fallout of being in an armed hold-up and dealt with a massive tumour the size of a small planet in my head at the young age of 24.


I'm also a wisdom seeker and love learning...

I’m a qualified Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga, Breathwork, Mindful Eating and Meditation teacher. I work on awakening to more of my potential every single day.

I’ve been leading retreats and Meditation Circles for over a decade, and my passion is helping women reconnect with their souls guidance and inner wisdom, so they can live rich and fullfilling lives.

I look forward to sharing with you in The Insightful Soul Self-Awakening Circle.



This is for you if:

  • You feel there's too many demands in life and you feel stressed or scattered. You need time and space to find connection to your true self and inner guidance
  • You would like to discover and define a re-visioned version of your self in this season of your life. Know that your best days are ahead of you and not behind you.
  • Although it can be scary and confronting you're willing to take responsibility for yourself, your physical, mental and emotional health, and the refreshing future that awaits you. 

Gain an inner Freedom that isn't Reliant on your outer Circumstances

A happy, healthy mind and body doesn't happen by chance. It happens one conscious decision at a time


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's not until we are Lost, Do we Begin to Understand Ourselves?

Most people live life in reaction mode or go with the grain.

To live a truly inspired life, one of great fulfilment, connection and joy means regular connection to your inner most being.

Our  powerful practices help  balance the physical with the mental, clears out stuck emotional energy, expands insight/intuition, and opens the heart 

They are a  regular reset for your life.


Your Path to an awakened life starts here



Take advantage of our $12 Trial

  • 2 x Live Circle Gatherings per Month 
  • Immediate Access to our Virtual Studio 
  • Gain easy access via our app 
  • Self cancellation anytime
  • Trial  2 weeks today for only $12* (T&C's apply) 



Take advantage of our $12 Trial

  • Pay for 5 months and get 1 month Free
  • 2 x Live Circle Gatherings per Month 
  • Immediate Access to our Virtual Studio 
  • Gain easy access via our app 
  • Self cancellation anytime