To the Over-Worked woman who deserves to have your BEST Days ahead of you and not behind you, this is for you:

"Stop Being Limited by your Conditioned Mind, Missing out on the Best Parts of Your Life

because You're Rushing,

Over - Thinking, Doubting or Comparing!  


A beautiful and deeply fulfilling life doesn't happen by CHANCE... 

It Happens by Healing the Past & Consciously Creating the Future.

How are you Feeling...


For the woman who’s forgotten how to be her true vibrant self and needs to change for the sake of a happy and deeply fulfilling life, but doesn’t know where to start.


For the woman who was once a force for good, but has lost the conviction in her voice amongst the furious sea of daily demands.


For the woman who keeps promises and gives warm hugs to everyone else but herself.

Overworked and Overwhelmed is not a badge of honour.


Yet, I hear you, I honour you and I was you.


Is it time to:

  • Go on a healing journey back to greater Mind Body Soul Health
  • Amplify the volume of your inner guidance, your Souls guidance and
  • Start dedicating time and energy to the wholeness and happiness of your life, your dreams and your self?


 This may sound full-on but you can never assume that you're NOT going to end up with, Palliative care Nurse Bronnie Wares documented 5 regrets of the dying.  Here's 3 of them:



"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me".


I already felt like this  20 years ago when when lying in hospital after a massive operation to remove a tumour from my head. Most of us try and do the "RIGHT THING" or "PLEASE OTHERS" rather than listening to our own heart and soul for guidance.


That can stop right here, today!



"I wish I hadn't worked so Hard and I wish I could've been Happier"


Ever felt "lazy" or like a "bludger" just because you needed some well deserved time off?  Our culture actually  glorifies being busy and burnout instead of downshifting every day and self connection. 

It's time for a new revolution in the way we live....



"I wish I'd had the courage to express my true feelings".


With messages like "suck it up princess", "soldier on" and "go hard or go home" our inner light gets turned down.

We contain and bottle things up, creating separation from ourselves causing stress, tension and brain fog leaving us reaching for sugar, caffeine and for some, way too many wines. 



So if you're doing any of these, maybe it's time to Bring back your Spark, Re-Ignite your Inner-Guidance and Reconnect  to your True feelings and Vibrant self?

A Full Mind Body Soul Immersion - Modern & Ancient Practices

Personal Growth Practices


Meditation & Mindfulness


Healing Breathwork


Quarterly Home Retreats


There's another way to Live.

The Fulfilled, Soul Guided Woman isn't a High Achiever, She Also:

  • Feels deeply connected to her true authentic self, and know's she's on a path to expand into her full potential.
  • She understands where that negative or fearful inner critical voice comes from and can effortlessly move from that space, and instead connect to her inner wisdom.
  • Trusts and backs herself, her intuition and inner guidance. She can say 'NO' to the things that aren't aligned with her highest good.
  •  And is on a healing journey and knows that 'doing the work' will help her manage, stress, trauma and reactive emotions to allow her to master her divine life and live out her purpose with joy.

This is your Moment to Be a Part of Something Truely Life Changing or Not.... 

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The Insightful Soul Sister Circle 

Stop over-doing and over-thinking and reconnect to your inner guidance, re-establish mindful balance and learn to show up in a better way every single day to get the most out of your one precious life.

As Seen In:

We can help you...

  • Create a nourishing vision for your life and live with meaning and purpose
  • Be less judgmental towards yourself and more accepting. 
  • Stop the crappy self talk and connect to your inner coach
  • Master the chaos in your mind and find more calm and order
  • Gain the wisdom and know how to work through your problems with more ease
  • Uncover the greatness that is already within you, that no ones ever shown you how to find so you can feel confident to live your dreams
  • Stop reacting to things and start connecting to the guidance of your inner wisdom
  • Expand into your full potential

Is this Personal Development ?

Absolutely, and so much more.

Is this a Self Healing Circle? 

Yes beautiful and so much more.

Is this a Meditation Circle?

Of course, and so much more.

A Sneak Peak of our Past Healing Circle Gathering Topics 

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Introducing The Insightful Soul Sister Circle

The Insightful Soul Sister Circle is a monthly online gathering to help:

  • Learn to quieten your busy mind and return to a Calming Healing State so you can make your mind your greatest ally (and not your worst enemy)
  • Cultivate inner wisdom and personal insight to Create Healing Change in your life and
  • Feel like you're continually coming home to yourself ( your purpose) through the power of a supportive community and awakened sisterhood.

We all know magic happens in a group, in a community of like minded souls and statistically speaking you’re more likely (200% more) to get that shizz done when you’re committed to a group class or gathering rather than 'going it alone'.


What's Included


2 x Monthly Circle Gatherings 

Bring the magic of circle into the comfort and convenience of your own home with online video calling. Twice a month around 8pm - 9:30pm (AEST), we'll bring the compassionate strength of our circle together via zoom.

This way, no matter where you are located in the world and regardless of your responsibilities at home you have the opportunity to gather and connect to the breathtaking and heart opening experience of circle.

Relaxation and Self-Honouring Rituals via our Virtual studio

You will gain access to our virtual studio which includes special monthly bonuses such as, relaxation rituals, mindfulness and breathing practices, mini home guided retreats, self exploration and inner healing exercises and meditations. These bonuses are worth being part of the circle alone!

 Special Guest Teachings for Inspiration and Motivation 

We have a love for learning and growing through harnessing the power of knowledge. Watch or listen to our quarterly special guests who will share how to  live out your purpose every single day so your life will feel rich and fulfilling. 

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Access our Virtual Mind Body Healing Studio Anytime Anywhere

We're here to support busy women on the run lead more fulfilling, soul guided lives. Access our Virtual Studio via the app (iphone and android avaible) or on any device. 

Practice your breathwork in the car between drop offs or meetings, mindfulness at lunch time and relaxation rituals before bed.

Sister Circle Replays are also available in our virtual studio for 30 days.


Gain Immediate Access to our Virtual Studio - Some Women join Just for This 

I'm Larissa

The Insightful Soul Sister Circle was a welcome surprise as a series of visions, dreams and “coincidences” were making it clear as a sunny day that I was to open space within myself and in the world to facilitate such a powerful and purposeful gathering.

"Why me"? I've been on many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  healing journeys from self loathing to self love, from comparisonitis to self compassion, from hating my life to creating the life I love. I've healed from 5 miscarriages, I healed hypothyroidism naturally and made it through dark days after being diagnosed with a massive tumour in my head when I was 24. 

I’m a qualified Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher and I'm still working on myself everyday.

My joy is to facilitate healing and reconnect women to the path of their souls guiding light. I've been holding retreats and Meditation Circles for over a decade. I look forward to having you as an essential  link in our circle.


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  • Enjoying the Freedom to step away from your responsibilities and come back to presence, peacefulness and inner power.
  • Having a sacred sisterhood on your side that feels empowering and supportive.
  • Rediscovering your feminine birthright of insight and intuition so you can best support your own tribe (your family), build your business or personal vision and be part of a global awakening.  



Circle Member Grace Miller 

Being apart of circle gives me an opportunity to dig deeper into myself, from the comfort and safety of my own home.

Every month it makes me consciously make time for myself, which is a growth process in itself, as in the past it's been hard to set aside 'me time' without feeling guilty.

I love the little shifts and insights I get out of each gathering. They all add up to create beautiful changes in my life and how I see myself. I also love the consistency of working together in circle.

Hearing the stories of other women make me feel like "I'm not alone on this". Thank you Larissa for providing such a nurturing space

The Result? 

The Insightful soul Sister Circle. A place where you can find solace, cultivate the confidence to be unapologetically yourself and find answers and guidance through the sharing of others' experiences.

The Result? 

The Insightful soul Sister Circle. A place where you can find solace, cultivate the confidence to be unapologetically yourself and find answers and guidance through the sharing of others' experiences.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You feel a little lost (or scattered) at times and need time and space to find connection to yourself and others. 
  • You're willing to share your story to find a sense of healing and/or inspire others. Circle is about connection and healing.
  • You miss the person you used to be and would like to discover and define a re-visioned version of your self in this season of your life.
  • Womens circles help you deal with stress because women feel safe and supported in this environment. You're ready and willing to receive as well as share.
  • Although it can be scary and confronting you're willing to take responsibility for your self. Your physical, mental and emotional health, and the future that awaits you.

Not for you if:

  • You feel the need to 'fix everybody else' instead of open the door to your own inner healing.
  • You want to lurk in the shadows on the sideline and never contribute. We value you in circle.
  • You need to be 'right all of the time' instead of looking at beliefs that no longer serve you
  • You're not willing to take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are all equals in circle. Although circle can be therapeutic it is not to replace medical care.
  • You think you have to be perfect or appear perfect. We are here to embrace the messy ragged edges of ourselves and each other. No need to show up pretending you've nailed all areas of life. 
I'm Ready

Wait, what's included again?


We'll gather twice a month

We start our gatherings at 8pm (AEST) so you can arrive home, enjoy dinner and if you're in the season of life where you need to get the kids off to bed (or in front of the ipad), you have space to do this. Join us via zoom from the comfort of your own home. Create a little circle retreat area (video ideas on how to do this inside).


Access Relaxation and Self-Honouring Rituals via our Membership Portal and App

Bring the powerful grounded energy of circle into your daily life. We'll share monthly bonuses which include relaxation rituals, mini home retreats, healing exercises and guided meditations. You'll have a whole library at your fingertips.


Special Guest Teachings

We'll continue to support your healing and growth by sharing interviews and teachings from experts in the field of personal development and Inner Healing. 

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Be a part of something truely magical, beyond the daily grind....

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You can spend tens of thousand of dollars (trust me I have) going to personal development weekends

only to have the effects wear off once you get back to 'busy everyday life'.

Or gently do the work and easily integrate the changes into your life so they stick. Try our 2 Week $12 Trial today. 


The Insightful Soul Sister Circle Membership 

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Monthly Membership

$12 Trial for 2 Weeks

Then $35 a Month

  • 2 x Monthly circle Gatherings 
  • Gain immediate access to the Self Healing Virtual Studio
  • Access teachings from our special guests
  • Self Cancellation anytime

6 Month Membership

$12 Trial for 2 Weeks

Then $175 for 6 Months Upfront Reoccurring Payment

  • 2 x Monthly circle Gatherings 
  • Gain immediate access to the Self Healing Virtual Studio
  • Access teachings from our special guests
  • Self cancellation

Single Gathering Drop in


One off Casual Gathering. Click register to choose date

  • Single Circle Gathering 
  • No Access to the Self Healing Virtual Studio
  • No Access to online Retreats
  • No Access to teachings from our special guests



Every woman deserves the time and space to allow her entire mind and body to exhale into the magnificence of her existence

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