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Release a Habit or Belief

Preventing you from Living a Fulfilled Life

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Are you Ready to Release the Chains of a Habit that No Longer Serves you?


Our somatic healing practice is designed to help you tap into your body's wisdom and release those stubborn habit patterns that have been holding you back.


- Sound Familiar -


Meet Maya

A woman familiar with the all-too-common struggle of stress and comfort eating.

Although she was extremely health conscious for years, she found solace in sugary snacks and salty treats to cope with life's challenges.

Yet, deep down, she knew this habit wasn't serving her well and undo-ing all her efforts from the rest of the week.

She attempted to change yet found herself repeatedly falling back into old patterns.

Each attempt felt like a temporary victory followed by a crushing defeat, leaving her trapped in a cycle of frustration and disappointment with the resistance to try again.

Then, Maya discovered a guided somatic healing journey‚ÄĒan opportunity to break free from old patterns and discover a new path forward.

She knew it was an approach to confront the root causes of her struggles and finally find a way to change her future.

With determination to try something new, Maya decides to embark on this transformative journey.

As she immersed herself in the experience and through breath, movement, and sound, Maya began to unravel the layers of tension and resistance that had held her captive for so long.

Maya allowed herself to feel, to truly feel, the emotions that had long been buried beneath the surface driving her habits.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she confronted the fears and insecurities that had driven her to seek solace in food.

And then, something miraculous happened.

In the midst of her vulnerability, Maya found strength. In the midst of her pain, she found healing.

With newfound clarity and determination, Maya returned to her daily life, armed with the tools and insights she had gained on her journey.

No longer did she turn to food to numb her emotions; instead, she turned inward, tapping into the wellspring of strength and wisdom that resided within her.  


If Maya's story feels familiar, know that you're not alone. Countless individuals have experienced the same struggles, battling against the pull of old habits and longing for a way to break free.


Here's the Good News


Just like Maya, you have the power to rewrite your story. You have the ability to go beneath the surface into the sub-conscious and release the chains of old patterns and step into a life of greater freedom, choice and authenticity.


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Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Story and Unlock Something inside of you?


If you're tired of feeling trapped by old habits and longing for a way to break free, now is the time to take action.

Our guided somatic healing journey offers a transformative opportunity to unearth the root causes of your struggles and discover a new path forward. 

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and healing.


Somatic Healing Basics:


A guided somatic healing journey offers a holistic approach to releasing old habits by addressing the underlying emotional, psychological, and physical aspects that contribute to their persistence.

Rather than solely relying on talking therapy or cognitive techniques, somatic healing recognises that the body holds valuable information and can play a crucial role in the healing process.

  • Use the Wisdom and Power of your own Body to unearth the frequencies and emotions driving your habit patterns
  • Navigate the feelings and sensations¬†to integrate, process and release these anchors.
  • Step into a new way of feeling, sensing and being.

I'm Larissa ex -chocoholic.

Although I am well versed in nourishing my body with wholesome foods and enjoy my 20 year career in the wellness field there was one thing that stood between me and the body and health I longed for.


Despite my expertise in coaching behaviour change, I found myself at a loss when it came to pinpointing the cognitive factors underlying my afternoon chocolate obsession.

No matter how much mindset work I did I couldn't release the Pattern.


I stumbled across a somatic healing practice. I didn't have high hopes yet lo and behold, after just one session, my cravings took a nosedive to a mere 2 out of 10!

I repeated the somatic practice  the following day and even the urge to eat it was gone, like completely vanished like a magic trick. 

With somatic healing, I dug deep and busted through the emotional barriers and frequencies that kept me stuck in that chocolate loop repeating the same old pattern.


I'm free as a bird! I get to choose whether to sprinkle a little cocoa love into my day or breeze right on past it.

Inspired by my profound journey, I immersed myself in the study of somatic healing, eager to integrate it into my toolkit for aiding others on their wellness journeys. I am thrilled to share this life-changing experience with you. Let's embark on this transformative path together. xx



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Wait, what's included.


Attend Live or Grab the Replay

Whether you're front and center for the live event or catching up later, you're covered! Sign up today, and even if life gets in the way of attending live, you'll snag the replay securely tucked away in a password-protected members area. Yours forever, to revisit whenever you please. Lock in your spot now at the unbeatable price of $37, because after the event, the ticket jumps to $57.


Lifetime Access

The fun doesn't stop after just one session. We're all about that repeat action! Dive back in as many times as you like to deepen your experience and clear even more patterns. Got new goals in mind? No problem! Your access to the replay means you can tailor the practice to whatever floats your boat, whenever the mood strikes.


Special Pricing

Here's your chance to snag this transformative somatic experience at a steal. Secure your guided journey now for just $37, no matter if your schedule clashes with the live event. But hurry, because once the event wraps up, the price goes up to $57. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer‚ÄĒgrab your ticket to wellness today!

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How to Prepare for your Experience.

Your Sanctuary

Find a private and safe room or place to experience this journey. It's suitable if you can close the door as you will be invited to use sound, breath and movement.

Listening Experience

If possible use some wireless earphones so you can move around freely or choose a device that can deliver quality sound.

Journal, Pen & Water

There are a few prompts you may need to write down so have a journal or paper with a pen handy as well as tissues and water.

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Freedom Within Guided Somatic Journey today

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Step into Freedom Today


1 off Payment

  • Clear as many patterns as you choose
  • Lifetime access to the replay
  • Gain access via password protected members area



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