What would it Feel like

to Resolve your

Greatest Challenges?


Move through your Setbacks, Emotional Upsets and Stressful Challenges Quickly and Easily to Reclaim Mind-Body Balance and Live the Life you Deeply Love.


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What would it Feel like

to Resolve your

Greatest Challenges?


Move through your Setbacks, Emotional Upsets and Stressful Challenges Quickly and Easily to Reclaim Mind-Body Balance and Live the Life you Deeply Love.


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How are you Feeling...

Have you forgotten how to be your true vibrant energetic self and need to change for the sake of a happy and deeply fulfilling long healthy life, but don't know where to start?

Were you once a powerful force for good yet your inner strength is now overshadowed by life's relentless demands and accumulating stressors?

You've devoted so much of your time and energy to others, for so long, that you may have overlooked the importance of tending to your own well-being.

The time has come for you to restore rebalance, rediscover your true authentic self, amplify your inner wisdom and prioritise your healing, dreams, and overall happiness.

Overworked and overwhelmed is not a badge of honour. It's your moment to move from just surviving to truely Thriving.

 Let's start today.

How Can I Help You?



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 Radiant Relaxation Mini Course 

Let Stress Melt away and  peacefulness Flow in with our short yet impactful Relaxation Practices for a more Balanced Nourishing Life.



The Perfect Online Course

Learning is like treasure that follows its owner everywhere. From Ditching Diets and Learning Mindful Eating to Enjoying an At Home Retreat We've got you Covered. Start Today.



Work with Me
1:1 Consults

Wether you're working through a stubborn block keeping you from feeling Balanced, Solving a Frustrating Problem or Unravelling a Limiting Habit Pattern Hindering your Mind Body Health I can Help you gain Insight and Freedom.

My services include:

Meet Larissa - Integrative Mind-Body Well-Being Coach

With nearly two decades of experience, Larissa has been dedicated to guiding individuals out of their unconscious limitations and patterns and breaking free from the grips of stress, overwhelm and autopilot. Her focus includes:

  •  Fostering a balanced state to nurture both mind and body.
  •  Identifying the root causes behind problems, stressors, and life's challenges.
  •  Crafting a clear and purposeful path for healing and resolution.

Larissa's extensive qualifications include Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Somatic Healing, Breathwork Facilitation, Yoga & Meditation Instruction, and Mindful Eating expertise. She's committed to helping individuals live the lives they were truly meant for, free from the influence of stress and limiting beliefs.

Larissa's personal journey includes a significant health challenge in her early 20s, which served as a catalyst for a profound life transformation. She has had the privilege of working with industry luminaries such as Human Behavioural Expert Dr. John Demartini and over the years,  has empowered countless individuals to discover their purpose, find a fulfilling direction, and attain emotional balance.

If you're ready to embark on your transformative journey, reach out to Larissa, who will be your trusted guide


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What Clients Have To Say



“Larissa has helped me to overcome fear, let go of misbeliefs, recognise my personal power, own and value my traits, identify and reduce my triggers, reframe “failures”, be kinder to myself, turn the volume down on my Comparison Queen, realign my business with my values and so much more…

I leave each session with a breakthrough in understanding, confidence, clarity, calm and resolve.

She is my secret weapon in business and life.”

Angela Raspass - Business Mentor, Self Worth Educator and Author

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