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Interrupt the Always Rushing Feeling with the Power of Peacefulness and Presence


Surrender to the Heart of Stillness is your at Home Retreat Experience to Guide your Mind From Stress and Distraction to the Serenity of Deep Healing Relaxation 

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Your Home Retreat Experience will Help Refill your Half-Empty Cup and Restore Balance and Vitality, Improving your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

Your Nurturing Retreat Experience:


Be Guided into a Warm State of Deep Rest.


By practicing ancient gentle breathing (pranayama) techniques  you will be able to surrender your thoughts, let go of your responsibilities and slowly bring a state of calm into your mind and body.




Experience a Re-Connection to your Heart, Yourself and your Inner Guidance


The demands of life pulls us into many different directions. By using the powerful practice of mindfulness you will re-group your energy so you feel less scattered and more present and grounded.



Feel your Life Energy Increase in a Way that Restores Natural  Balance and Inner Radiance 


We'll immerse you into a sea of deep Relaxation through a guided journey that will reconnect you to the life energy that's been previously blocked by stress and muscle tension. 


Is it time to Bring Back your Inner Spark, Re-Ignite your Zest for Life and Guided Back to your True Vibrant Self?




The Benefits of the Practices we Share in your Home Retreat

  • Boost your Immune System 
  • Cultivate Deep Restorative Sleep
  • Boost your natural energy levels
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Release muscle tension
  • Increase Libido
  • Elevate endorphins assisting in pain relief and happiness
  • Be less reactive to daily stressors and more measured and balanced
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Make a date with Yourself

Accept the call of that little inner voice that says "I really need this (like yesterday)" and go on this immersive at home retreat journey:

When: You'll gain immediate access to the 10 video's and ebook guide. Enjoy your retreat now or on your next  morning off.

Where: A peaceful place in your home

Time: 3.5 hours

Cost: Only $45

Create some sacred space and we'll guide you step by step through this journey to deep relaxation. 

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What's Included


1:  Four Tutorials

You will be guided step by step through your at home retreat experience from planning, practice prep work and finish.

2: Five Guided Practices

There are 5 mind body balancing guided practices including a Breathwork Journey, Mindfulness Practice, Mindful Nature Walk, Guided Journaling and Deep Body Relaxation. Immerse yourself in your retreat from start to finish approx 3.5 hours or enjoy the practices over a week or even a month. Let it suite your lifestyle.

3: Bonus e-book support guide

To support your journey we've included a beautiful support guide. You'll find planning tips, check lists, practice explanations, journaling prompts and more.

Hi I'm Larissa


For over 15 years I've been helping busy people get out of autopilot and overwhelm to calm their over thinking mind, unblock the patterns standing in the way of living a happy, healthy, fulfilling life and create the healing change they crave.

I teach from a space of personal experience having been on many healing journeys such as restoring balance after burnout that caused IBS and hyperthyroidism, learning to relax and let go of outcomes after 5 miscarriages and bringing my mind and body back to physical, mental and emotional equilibrium after having life saving surgery to remove a massive tumour growing in my head. 

I'm a registered Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork teacher. I'm also excited that recently I was on the cover of Australian Natural Health Society Magazine.

I look forward to sharing this retreat with you.


Our Past Retreat Feedback


It was the first time I've ever actually got into a meditative state.


I had the best nights sleep The best I've had in a very long time.


I didn't realise how much I needed this. I feel so calm and peaceful.


I now know what it actually feels like to be deeply relaxed.


I felt really aware, connected to myself and had a sense of peace radiated from me.


I felt really at ease, I felt released like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.

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It's time to enjoy

Some Well Deserved 'Me Time'.

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Worth $165 Pay only $45


  • Beautiful Retreat Guide Book
  • Guided Tutorials
  • 5 Transformative Practices
  • Immediate Access
  • Lifetime Access



A Sneek Peek at our Live Retreats Where we Chose our Most Popular Practices


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