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Awaken your Latent Potential and Take Control Of your Inner Wellbeing 

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Diets Come and Go, but a Healthy Relationship with your Body and Food Lasts a Lifetime.


Learn to Break Free from the agony of Diets or Emotional Eating and the Gut-Wrenching Guilt and Shame that Surface with them and Unlock Inner Balance and Food Freedom through Mindful Eating - your Gateway to Empowered Living.




Radiant Relaxation

Access 18 Deeply Healing and Nourishing Guided Mind Body Practices to break free from the daily grind, soften tense muscles and reduce overwhelm to empower you to live your life in a more calm, conscious and balanced way.

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Surrender to the Heart of Stillness

Your Home Retreat Experience will Help Refill your Half-Empty Cup and Restore Balance and Vitality, Improving your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Move your Mind From Stress and Distraction to the Serenity of Deep Healing Relaxation

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Mind Body Soul Reset

Get back on track with healthyful eating habits, beat that underlying 'tired but wired' feeling and power up your daily energy stores to move towards a calm mind and a vibrant healthy body. Includes quality lessons, short easy to do yoga classes and relaxation practices..

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Our Signature Course

Life with Everyday Inspiration is launched once a year. This 8 week immersive course will show you step by step how to discover who you truly are. It will reconnect you with your purpose, your vision, your place in the world. Become the powerful creative force in your life and live the most magical fulfilling life you love.

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Feel Good Habits for Life

Habits bring your dreams to life. Discover step by step how to make the good habits that will bring you the mind, body, business or life you love actually stick for the long term. This course is fun, quick to go through and beyond impactful.

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