Yoga for Every Body


It's Not Just a Class, It's your Practice to a Healthier Longer Fulfilling Life


Join me at my Studio in New Beith Queensland or Enjoy a Class from the comfort of your own home via our online option.


Yoga for Every Body


It's Not Just a Class, It's your Practice to a Healthier Longer Fulfilling Life


Join me at my Studio in New Beith Queensland or Enjoy a Class from the comfort of your own home via our online option.



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Imagine a Life where Stress and Tension Melt Away, where you Move with Grace and Strength, and where your Mind is your Best Friend, Not your Worst Enemy.


There's a reason why Yoga is centuries old and has lasted the test of time.

It works.

With over two decades of group fitness and movement teaching experience, including a decade dedicated exclusively to yoga instruction, Larissa brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and expertise to guide you on your transformative yoga journey.

Her deep-rooted understanding of yoga philosophy and asana practice ensures you receive the most enriching and effective guidance along your path to inner balance and physical wellness and vitality.

 All you need to do is choose how you would like to enjoy your practice:

  • Live and at the Studio
  • Live via Zoom or
  • Private Instruction via zoom or face to face at the studio



We Currently Teach 2 styles of Yoga:



Yoga for Back Health - 55 Mins

Mondays 5:30pm (AEST) Online or at the Studio

Yoga for back health is a specialised branch of yoga that focuses on enhancing the strength, flexibility, and overall well-being of the spine and surrounding muscles.

Through a combination of yoga poses, stretches, and breathing techniques, it aims to alleviate common back issues. The practice offers numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, improved muscle strength, relief from chronic back pain, better posture, stress reduction, enhanced circulation, heightened body awareness, improved balance, and emotional well-being.

Tailored to individual needs and suitable for all fitness levels, yoga for back health is a holistic approach to achieving a pain-free or reduced-pain, healthy spine.




Yoga Flow - 60 Mins

Mondays 6:30pm Online or at the Studio

Tuesday and Fridays 9:15am Online or at the Studio

Yoga Flow, often referred to as Vinyasa Flow, is a dynamic style of yoga that seamlessly links breath with movement.

In a Yoga Flow practice, we transition smoothly from one pose to another, creating a continuous and flowing sequence.

This style not only builds strength, flexibility, and balance but also encourages mindfulness and presence as each movement is synchronised with the breath.

With its emphasis on creative and fluid sequences, Yoga Flow provides a harmonious blend of physical and mental benefits, making it a popular choice for those seeking both a moving workout and a calming, meditative experience on the mat.





 How would you Like to enjoy your Practice? 

 Yoga Studio Classes 

Join us Face to Face at our serene boutique studio at 276 Red Gum Rd New Beith - 5 Mins from Pub Lane Shops


Online Livestream Class

Enjoy a live yoga class from the convenience of your own home or office via zoom. Book your class to receive and instant zoom join link.


Private Yoga Consults

Would you link 1:1 private consults to kick start your practice, or gain specialised knowledge for an injury or illness. 


"Inner Peace Starts with a Relaxed Body"

Norman Vincent Peale.

Kathy Crooks

I joined yoga with Larissa 5 years ago to help me with my back problems. Her classes are fun, relaxing and always different.

My back has improved to no end. I feel calmer, less stressed, happier and feel better within myself. Try it! It’s fun and her classes are for everyone


I joined yoga with Larissa 8 years ago. My main reason for staying so long is feeling loved, supported and empowered. Yoga has really helped me to appreciate my amazing body and all it does for me. I love the relaxed environment Larissa has created and the strong belief that everyone is in a different place in their yoga practice and experience level and thats expected and welcomed. Everyone is welcome and I love that. Your mind and body will thank you a million times over for practicing yoga.

Choose Your Class Pass

Studio Passes: Class pricing Options

Enjoy One

Single Drop-in Class at the Studio is $22


Let's get Started

Buy a 5 visit Studio class pass $95 and start your yoga journey


Most Popular

Our 10 visit class pass will encourage your yoga journey $10


I'm all in

A great option to commit to your best self or if you practice with us twice a week


Online Passes: Livestream Zoom Class 

Enjoy One

Grab your Online Class drop-in class pass for $15


Get Me Started

Keep your online practice going with a 5 visit pass $65


Let's Do It

Join us weekly live and online for the best pricing option 10 classes for $110


Pricing: Private Yoga Consults - Like Personal Training but it's Yoga - To Book go to our contacts page and email Larissa or call on 0417 041 165

Starter Pack

Learn the poses with 1:1 attention. Our starter pack is 1 x 1.5 hour visit + 2 x 1 hour visits to get you started on your yoga journey - $275


Single Visit

Pay as you go or use your visit to learn or correct certain poses to suite your needs. single visit pass $95


6 x Consults

Our most popular 1:1 option. Continue your yoga journey toward better health and wellbeing - 6 visit pass $540


12 x Consults

Make your practice apart of your daily or weekly life and enjoy the savings of a 12 visit pass - $1020


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Unwind and Refresh your Life

If you're not enjoying a little chill time every day you're not living your healthiest or best life. Here's 6 Benefits of a Yoga and Relaxation Practice

Enhance your Immune System

Sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired? Stress can seriously weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses and increased inflammation. But fear not, my health-conscious ones, by reducing stress, you can give your immune system the boost it needs and promote healing. 


More Refreshing Sleep

Waking up feeling like a zombie? Ugh, stress can be such a sleep wrecker. But don't fret, my tired and cranky pals. By reducing stress, you can catch some serious Z's and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. So, let's say goodbye to those restless nights and hello to some sweet, sweet dreams. You'll be sleeping like a boss in no time!


Emotional Stability

No more pulling your hair out, snapping at the kids or emotional eating a bar of cadbury's. Learning to relax and unwind can balance insulin levels which helps bring that emotional rollercoaster back to the station.

Better Relationships and Communication

Can't stand your boss? Tired of your significant other's annoying habits? Stress can seriously strain your relationships, leading to all kinds of drama and headaches. But don't worry, my fierce and fabulous friends! By learning to relax and reducing stress, you can bring some much-needed harmony and understanding to your relationships. Say hello to smoother sailing with the people you love.


Improve your Mood

Who has time for bad moods and negative vibes? Not you. Stress can seriously bring you down, leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, and just plain grumpy. But don't worry, because by reducing stress, you can turn that frown upside down and start living your life with the sass and confidence you deserve.


Boost your Focus & Productivity

Can't seem to get anything done, procrastinate or zone out? Stress can seriously zap your energy and focus, making it nearly impossible to be productive. By creating more balance, you can unleash your inner productivity queen (or king) and get things done like a boss.

What our Clients say

I have been practicing yoga with Larissa for 9 years now and I love the knowledge she shares on injury rehabilitation and healing. I know I am in Safe hands with her.


Yoga with Larissa has really helped me cope with life in a new way. Whenever I need to adapt a pose she always has a new variation to show me that suites my body. Love it.


Meet Larissa Halls

Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Teacher, Mindful Eating Coach, Somatic Healing, Kinesiologist and Life Coach.

Larissa isn't a monk or claim to be a guru, but she does have a knack for helping people find their inner zen while keeping it real. 

Larissa has a diverse range of experience and skills having worked in injury rehab, exercise prescription and now the past decade exclusively teaching yoga and Mind Body Practices.

For over 20 years, Larissa has been sharing her unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to help people live more nourishing and fulfilling lives. 

Her teaching style is down to earth and accessible, making mind-body practices feel less like a chore and more like a well-deserved break.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a newbie to this all, Larissa can help you find your inner balance and live with more ease and purpose. 


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