Hi I'm Larissa

I'll Help You Move from Overwhelm, Autopilot and Stress Mode and

  • Escape Chronic Stress and Age with Ease not Disease

  • Clear Unconscious Patterns Blocking your Mind Body Goals

  • Rediscover Balance and Create Healing Change

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Hi I'm Larissa

I'll Help You Move from Overwhelm, Autopilot and Stress Mode and

  • Escape Chronic Stress and Age with Ease not Disease

  • Clear Unconscious Patterns Blocking your Mind Body Goals

  • Rediscover Balance and Create Healing Change

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For the woman who’s forgotten how to be her true vibrant self and needs to change for the sake of a happy and deeply fulfilling life, but doesn’t know where to start.

For the woman who was once a force for good, but has lost the conviction in her voice amongst the furious sea of daily demands and  build up of life stressors.

For the woman who keeps promises and gives warm hugs to everyone else but herself. I hear you, I honour you and I was you.

It's time to find some time to deeply relax and reawaken to your true self,  amplify the volume of your inner guidance and start dedicating time and energy to your healing, your dreams and the wholeness and happiness of your life?

Hear me when I say: Overworked and Overwhelmed is not a badge of honour. Let's Change that Today

How Can I Help You?



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 Radiant Relaxation Mini Course 

Let Stress Melt away and  peacefulness Flow in with our short yet impactful Relaxation Practices for a more Balanced Nourishing Life.



The Perfect Online Course

Learning is like treasure that follows its owner everywhere. From Ditching Diets and Learning Mindful Eating to Enjoying an At Home Retreat We've got you Covered. Start Today.



Work with Me
1:1 Consults

Wether you're working through a stubborn block keeping you from feeling Balanced, Solving a Frustrating Problem or Unravelling a Limiting Habit Pattern Hindering your Mind Body Health I can Help you gain Insight and Freedom.

My services include:


Larissa won’t help you declutter your linen cupboard or wardrobe. Her Marie Condo Super power is helping you declutter your over thinking mind and back log of unprocessed or stored  emotions for a more soul guided and fulfilling life.

You can either live life being ruled by addictions, uncontrolled habits, buried in conditioned fears, limiting beliefs, wounds, and infatuations or live an unleashed life of freedom, basking gleefully within your fully expressed self, life purpose and souls guidance.

She’ll help you start your healing journey and trust your inner- guidance rather than continually looking for answers in the shambles of the outer world and other peoples half cocked opinions. Larissa is an Intuitive Wisdom Seeker, Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga, Meditation and  Breathwork Teacher.


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What Clients Have To Say



“Larissa has helped me to overcome fear, let go of misbeliefs, recognise my personal power, own and value my traits, identify and reduce my triggers, reframe “failures”, be kinder to myself, turn the volume down on my Comparison Queen, realign my business with my values and so much more…

I leave each session with a breakthrough in understanding, confidence, clarity, calm and resolve.

She is my secret weapon in business and life.”

Angela Raspass - Business Mentor, Self Worth Educator and Author

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