Connecting Scattered Parts Grounding Practice

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Episode 11: Connecting Scattered Parts Grounding Practice Part 3




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Welcome to Mindful Eating and Inner Healing, Podcast

If you're looking to be in the best health of your life, cultivating a strong connection to the language of your body is paramount.

By honing our ability to listen to the subtle whispers and cues of our physical and emotional selves, we empower ourselves to make informed decisions that support our overall well-being.

Through the practice of connecting scattered parts, we lay the foundation for this profound dialogue with our bodies, enabling us to tap into our innate wisdom and intuition.

Welcome to the third installment of our grounding series, where we delve into the art of reconnecting scattered parts to reclaim our inner balance, presence and connection with felt sense in the body. In this session, I invite you to join me in a beautiful guided practice.

Picture yourself like a flock of birds suddenly startled into flight, their once harmonious grounded formation scattered across the sky. Similarly, parts of ourselves often feel fragmented amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. But just as those birds seek to realign and find their way back together, we too yearn for a sense of wholeness and alignment.

Grab your headphones, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and immerse yourself into this practice.

From my heart to yours, Larissa

Feel free to share this practice with anyone who may need it. It's a great tool to use when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or in need of a moment to feel present and connected.

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Larissa xx

P.S If you love to read the transcript has been included below.


Our Fave Episode Quotes


 "Many of us have a low tolerance for discomfort in our lives and a high affliction for distraction."


"Our own minds and authentic selves can really feel scattered and fragmented amidst the distractions of daily life."


"Start to embrace the infinite possibilities that unfold before you, knowing that you possess the inner strength and the resilience to navigate life's journey with grace and purpose."



Podcast Transcript

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