How Stress is Sabotaging your Success

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I used to think I hated myself and was my own worst enemy.

I'd start a new eating program and be loving it, Feeling great, totally nailing it but

Next minute ... I'm back to eating chocolate at 3pm and looking for snacks after dinner.


What the heck!!

While self-sabotage and eating too little calories can be the cause of this, I noticed something else going on!!   


The same was happening when I'd set business goals.  

I'd get excited, full on vision board done, and I'm off and running.

Then suddenly my momentum would would plough into a brick wall.   Ok, what on EARTH!!

It wasn't Self-Sabotage. There's a difference.

I really want to share with you my discoveries as you may see patterns emerge in your life.

When I felt stressed I reverted back into old habits without even consciously thinking about it.   This is why:


 1) Stress Scatters our Focus



Goal need focus and attention. They're like a garden. They need to be nurtured in the right way everyday. When we feel scattered, procrastination and hesitation takes over. We feel pulled in too many directions and need to reign it back in.


 2) Stress kicks us out of our Higher Brain cognition and into autopilot (hello old habits).


The pre-frontal cortex of the brain is the most evolved part of the brain and is responsible for focus, judgment and impulse control. Stress moves us into the old parts of the brain into reaction and unconscious emotional choices (I call it autopilot)


3) Stress drains our Energy


We all know creating change requires many steps, and we need our vital life energy for that.  


I hope that this news is refreshing to you because as I started to manage my stress (even though I didn't think I was that stressed) these behaviours dissolved.

Let me know if you see these patterns emerge in your Life

Larissa xx