The Obstacles in Front of Me

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Once upon a time in a far-off kingdom, a wise and wealthy king had an intriguing plan to test his people's character.

He ordered his men to set up a massive stone at the centre of a busy road, and then he hid himself in the dense bushes to watch and see what would happen.

As the day wore on, rich merchants and powerful servants of the king sauntered by, grumbling about the inconvenience of the large rock, blaming the king for his inability to keep the roads clear.

Yet not one of them dared to remove it from the road.


Next came some other town folk who were irritated by the inconvenience. They half heartedly tried to push the boulder out of the way.


Just when the king was about to lose hope


A hardworking farmer carrying a load of fresh vegetables arrived. The farmer's keen eyes spotted the giant rock blocking the path, and without a second thought, he set down his heavy basket and put his muscles to work, pushing and shoving until the rock finally rolled off the road.


The farmer was about to pick up his load and continue his journey when he noticed a small bag lying on the ground where the stone had been. On it was a note saying "this is for man who cleared the stone from the road"

When he opened it, he discovered a generous amount of gold coins and a note from the king himself. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, the farmer went on his way, singing praises for the wise king who had taught him the value of taking right action.


This tale serves as a powerful reminder that in life, we all face obstacles that may seem insurmountable at first glance.


Some of us may complain or grumble, while others may half-heartedly try to push through the barriers. But it is only those who take bold action and go the extra mile who are rewarded with the riches of life.


I shared this story in this weeks yoga classes and related it to our body and mind.

Many of us notice what we feel are nuisances or blocks showing up as symptoms within our bodies. 


Some people complain about them and don't do anything, take no action gain relief or heal.


Some people half heartedly try, maybe pop  a pill or two.

And well, others stop and decide to take action, and those are the ones who reap the reward of a healthy mind and body.


Have you noticed any feedback in your body, any symptoms you've been complaining about lately yet not doing anything about to get to the root cause?

This may be your sign.


Larissa xx