Want a Sweet or a Snack, Ask yourself This

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Like a magnetic force, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the green, gluten-free donut 🍩 stand at our local shopping center!

"I NEEEEEED one of these"!


For months, I strolled past that tantalising display without even a second thought. 


But today, oh today, was different. My brain, being the master of justifying any impulse thrust upon it quickly found a rationale. 

 It's the last day of term, and what better way to celebrate than surprising my little 6-year-old when I pick him up from school- 👍 Yep that's it - I'm in! 


Before I could fully register the magnitude of my actions, a family pack was on its way.

 As I waited for my indulgent delights, my rational mind came back online, warning me of the misalignment my actions were with my current health goals. 


But hey, who has time for reason when the aroma of freshly baked goodies is wafting through the air?


With eager anticipation, I opened the box, my eyes alight with anticipation. I selected the most decadent, cinnamon-dusted treat and took a bite. It was ecstasy, my friend, pure and simple. 😋


But it kinda just dissolved in my mouth with out even having to chew. 


So I wanted more! 


But amidst the blissful haze, luckily a pang of responsibility struck.

These weren't just for me; they were for my beloved family. So, I exercised restraint (barely) and opted for some Easter chocolate instead I had in my shopping 🛍️ bags🍫


Upon arriving home, I took a moment to reflect.  I had the time to create a little distance between the present moment and my behaviour. I recognised the tug-of-war within me – the insatiable desire for more versus the quiet voice of reason.


And then, like a beacon in the chaos, came the questions I knew would bring me closer to what I was really yearning for : 


"How are you really feeling, Larissa? What do you truly need?" 🤔


The floodgates opened, unleashing a torrent of emotion – exhaustion, frustration, and an undercurrent of suppressed worry, fear and stress that had built up from the previous week when my toddler was rushed to hospital (brave face in tow by me).


It was a wake-up call, a reminder to tend to my own needs amidst life's whirlwind.


So, I did what any self-aware adult would do. I had a little nap. I allowed space for my emotions, without judgment or condemnation. And in that moment of rest (which was probably only 15 mins) and reflection, I found solace.


When I awoke to the sound of my toddler yelling "wake up Mummy" in my face , I felt a sense of clarity wash over me. 


The cravings for sweets had dissipated, replaced by a newfound resolve to honour my well-being.


In the end, it wasn't about denying myself pleasure; it was about honouring my needs and nurturing a deeper connection with myself. 🧘‍♀️ In the past I would've spiralled into a blow out or a binge and into the depths of a guilt and shame cycle.


This is the beauty and magic of cultivating a deep mindful eating and mindfulness practice.

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Next time you reach for a sweet or a snack, ask yourself these questions:


1) Am I actually even hungry or just having a craving?


2) Am I bored, stressed or sad?


3) How will eating this food make me feel 10 minutes after eating it?


This is the first step to conquer habitual eating and learning to listen to your body’s cues. These questions can help you focus on what you actually need, vs. what you think you want.

They can help you get to know yourself and create more connection with your true feelings and needs. 

What's better than understanding ourselves at a greater deeper level. So magical and beautiful. 


Much Love and Healing

Larissa xx



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