Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

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Let me take you on a journey of two women who live next to each other, one young and the other mature, who seem to have vastly different lives. 


One day, the younger woman is in awe of her neighbour's garden, full of lush green grass and colourful flowers buzzing with life. 


In contrast, her own garden is patchy, overgrown with weeds, and lacking the vibrancy she so admires in her neighbour's garden.


As she expresses her admiration to her neighbour, the mature woman points out that she admires the young woman's fit body. 


The young woman suggests that the mature woman could achieve a fit body as well by going to the gym regularly, but the mature woman replies that she doesn't have time for that. 


Similarly, the young woman doesn't have time for the daily care and attention required to maintain a garden as beautiful as her neighbour's.


The story teaches us that where we focus our energy, that is where growth happens. 


Often, we compare ourselves to others and feel lacking in areas where we don't prioritise our time and energy.


However, by recognising and celebrating our own achievements and strengths, we can stand firm in our own power and greatness, without the need to judge or compare ourselves to others.


This story is a powerful reminder that success comes in different forms and we should celebrate our own unique journeys.


 It is a call to action to focus our energy on what truly matters to us, rather than comparing ourselves to others and feeling inadequate.


Where focus goes, energy flows and that’s what grows.


You are amazing whole and complete just as you are, start recognising in what area of your life is growing and flourishing.


Much Love

Larissa xx