Guided Sleep Meditation

guided meditation

Ah, sleep. The sweet release from the chaos of our daily lives. There's nothing quite like a good night's rest to make you feel like you can conquer the world the next day.

But what if you could drop off to sleep like a baby and enhance your sleep even more? What if I told you that taking a little time to meditate and relax before bed could change your life?


Okay, maybe not change your life, but it can certainly make it better.


Let's start with meditation. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Meditation? That's just for hippies and monks, right?" Wrong! Meditation is for everyone, and it's not as difficult as you might think. It's a simple practice that can have a profound impact on your life. The meditation I've shared with you today is a guided meditation so all you need to do is go with the flow.


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So, why meditate before bed?

Well, for starters, it can help you fall asleep faster.

When you meditate, you're giving your mind a break from all the thoughts and worries that might be keeping you up at night.

You're also releasing any tension in your body, which can help you relax and get more comfortable.


But that's not all...

Meditation can also improve the quality of your sleep. When you meditate before bed, you're creating a sense of calm that can carry over into your sleep. You're also training your mind to focus on the present moment, which can help you let go of any stress or anxiety that might be keeping you awake.


Now, let's talk about relaxation.


So, why relax before bed? Well, for one thing, it can help you fall asleep faster. When you're relaxed, your body is more ready for sleep. You're also giving yourself permission to let go of any worries or responsibilities that might be weighing on you.

Quite often stress is felt in the body through sensations of tightness or knots.

But that's not all. Relaxation can also improve the quality of your sleep. When you're relaxed, your body is able to fully rest and recharge so say yes to more energy and better health.


You're also more likely to stay asleep throughout the night, rather than waking up multiple times.


So, there you have it. Meditation and relaxation before bed can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep which will improve the quality of all areas of your life.


But don't just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and see how you feel. Who knows, you might just become a meditation-loving, relaxation-expert, sleep-machine.


Larissa xx

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