A Relaxation Practice That Takes No Time

balancing stress

You want less stress and more calm but don’t have time for lengthy self care practices.

Do this...

It’s as easy as breathing.


Get ready to be blown away (pun intended!) by the incredible power of nasal breathing and the mystical molecule behind it – Nasal Nitric Oxide!


You might be wondering, what on earth is Nasal Nitric Oxide, and how can it transform your life?

Here’s the 101 on Nasal Nitric Oxide:

The Unsung Hero of Balance, Nasal Nitric Oxide (NNO) is a molecule your body produces that plays a starring role in achieving mind-body equilibrium, but if you breath through your mouth you miss out.


The Benefits of Nose Breathing and Nasal Nitric Oxide🌟 So, why should you care about Nasal Nitric Oxide?

  • It Supercharges Oxygen Uptake: Nasal breathing doesn't just make you look smarter; it also increases oxygen absorption in your body. Oxygen is your brain's BFF, enhancing focus, concentration, and overall cognitive function. Breathe in through your nose, and you're giving your brain and energy levels a high-five!
  • Blood Pressure Bliss: Are you tired of your blood pressure playing the yo-yo game? Nasal breathing to the rescue! By inhaling through your nose, you're helping to regulate your blood pressure, promoting a healthier heart and a happier you. 
  • Chill Pill for Your Nervous System: Say adios to stress and hello to relaxation. Nasal breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system – your body's "relaxation, rest and digest" mode – sending stress packing and inviting relaxation to take its place.


Your Self Care Reminder: Set a timer or reminder throughout the day and check in. See if you’re breathing through your mouth or nose.

If your nose is clear, and you catch yourself mouth breathing, make the switch.

It’s a self care practice that takes no extra time yet can boost your health, energy and vitality three-fold.



Larissa xx

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